Everyone knows camping is just that little bit more enjoyable with the right camping equipment. However once you’ve worked out your basics like shelter and food it’s time to boost your camping experience with some cutting edge camping gadgets!

So, other than the good old i“whatever”, what sort of camping gadgets are there?

Sleep like a baby

I bet you’ve got a normal sleeping bag, you know the mummy type. Trouble is it’s very restrictive. Have you ever wished you could walk around in your sleeping bag? What about sit around the campfire? For the ultimate in sleeping bags, check out the Selk’Bag it’s a wearable sleeping bag. You can you can walk around, sit, wave your arms around and even cross your legs. This sleeping system has to be seen, to be believed, definitely a must have camping gadget!

It’s all about comfort

If you don’t have room for a full size pillow did you know you can get inflatable pillows? They are more comfortable than they sound. Simply pump in a bit of air, and sleep like a baby. Most of the newer style pillows come lined for ultimate comfort.

It’s all about convenience

I used to take one of those portable ice coolers (Eskys we call them in Australia) to every camping trip. While it worked well, once the ice melted it was game over! Enter the car fridge. This is a game changing addition to your camping equipment. A powered “car fridge” has completely revolutionised my camping, no more wet meat, no more warm beer. You will need to make some modifications to your vehicle to allow a car fridge to run all day and night, however you’ll soon forget about that when you crack open that chilly cold beer.

Have you ever run out of batteries?

We all have. When your camping this is a major inconvenience. You can forget all that when you have a wind up torch. Even if you have a great reliable torch and you have spare batteries it’s always good to have a back up. LED and wind up technology has changed so much that that these torches are good enough for every day use.

Tools of the trade

The Leatherman multi tool is legendary in the world of outdoor camping and adventuring. This tool can do literally everything, well almost everything. I’ve used the Leatherman for cutting up food, repairing cars, cutting myself free from ropes, fixing motorbikes and dozens of other uses. It really is a must have camping gadget.

Why Suffer

Camping doesn’t have to be hardship and suffering. Sure there are you hardcore campers that go camping with nothing but a knife a tent, however, no one said you can’t take a bit of technology. Take your geek outside.